Free Workbook to identify 50 different ways Imposter Syndrome manifests

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Courage Over Confidence

Imposter Syndrome is sneaky. It is like an unwelcome shadow that creeps into our hearts and numbs our mind.

No one is immune.

When you doubt your own abilities and accomplishments, feeling like you don't truly belong in your field, look within and see where Imposter Syndrome may be lurking. We have all faced it at some point. It's just a hurdle on our creative journey, and we've got the skills to leap over it!

Can you identify with any of these?

  • Negative Feedback Imposter: Dwells on criticism and ignores praise.
  • External Validation Imposter: Relies on others to affirm their worth.
  • Procrastinator Imposter: Delays tasks out of fear of failure.

When we start poking at this thing, we find so many places that are vulnerable within our psyche.

We GET TO calm the storms and reclaim our creative souls.

Let's claim some freedom today! Take a look at this list and see if you can identify if any of these 50 ways Imposter Syndrome has manifested in your life---because after all, first we have to identify it ---then we can defeat it.

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